Rajiv Talreja
Founder 5 Business & 1 Celebrity Sports Team | Employing 2000 People | Asia’s Leading Business Coach

Business Breakthrough Seminar

Let’s Make Your Business Grow - Even Without You

By Q4-2023 (or sooner) your business can run and scale on automation

Rajiv Talreja

Founder 5 Business & 1 Celebrity Sports Team | Employing 2000 People | Asia's Leading Business Coach

24th March 2024

16th July

09.00 AM - 01.00 PM

Seminar Duration:
4 Hours

Seminar Duration:
4 Hours

English (You can ask doubts in Hindi or English)

No T&C Applied | 70,000+ Founders Rated This Seminar | 4.96/5
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Find Massive GROWTH opportunities in your business faster than ever

If you’ve got a list of random To-do’s in your business demanding your focus on fire-fighting problems every day, you’ll likely fail.
And your business operations, finances, sales, and teams may fizzle out into smoke and dust. But if you’ve got strategic systems and processes, you’ll win.
This action-packed Seminar will teach you how the top 1% CEOs and Founders approach Business Management.

Growth Experienced by Entrepreneurs After Working with Rajiv & his Team

Business Breakthrough Seminar Curriculum

PART 1: 7 Foundational Activities

Get Action Packed Activities used by successful entrepreneurs to COPY & PASTE to build a Stable and Scalable business.

PART 2: 3 ingredients of Business Growth

Get the 3 CORE Ingredients you need to build a business that can GROW without YOU on automation

PART 3: Build Front Line of Leaders

Understand the step-by-step process of building your second line of leaders that you can implement immediately.

PART 4: Retain those Leaders/Employees

Make sure you create an environment for employees to work longer so that you can focus on strategic business growth IN LONG TERM.

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How to Build a Win Win Win Team
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How to Create Work-Life Balance
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How to Beat Competion and Test Your Business Model
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7 Strategies to Hire the Best Talent for Your Business
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Strategies to Expand Your Business

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Top 4 Sales Strategies to Skyrocket your Business Sales
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5 Areas to invest in your business to get the best ROI

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Rajiv Talreja’s Personal Money Discipline Strategy

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70,000+ Founders Rated This Seminar

4.96/5 Stars
Being in business for the last 18 years, but the kind of clarity on how to run the business, business model, hiring staff, getting every member of the team to achieve business aspirational goals has become very clear, and would love to thank Rajiv for this clarity. Loved to be on board for coaching.
Sanjay Srivastav
A’ Niche Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Thane
Industry- IT
Excellent. I am thankful to Mr. Rajiv as he has given me so much insight into the Business. He is working as a Catalyst in the lives of Small and Medium scale Entrepreneurs who are the backbone of the economy of our country. Thanks a lot to him. Thanks to Success Gyan.
Greenplast Compostables | Vadodara
Industry- Import-Export
Insightful and structured approach especially was relatable to all businesses at every stage. Was glad to be a part of it and hope I am able to do justice to this content and implement the entire process thoroughly in my business in the next 1 yr.

Srishti Lakhotia
SRC Chemicals Pvt Ltd | Pune
Industry- Manufacturing
I have had sleepless nights thinking, it will be great if I knew how to solve all my business-related problems. This program feels like a perfect destination to answer all my questions. Identifying department-wise goals and action points blew my mind. Pumped up to see results on June 30, 2023.
Premnath Shanmugam
UITOUX Solutions Pvt Ltd | Coimbatore
Industry- IT
Magically Custom-Tailored for SME’s! A bird’s eye holistic view of where you are and where you always wanted to be. Reflection of your past efforts, wins & failures, learnings, visions, and dreams culminated with a universe-calling answer. RAJIV IS HANDS-DOWN THE MENTOPRENEUR.

Dinesh Sajnani
Entertainment | Mumbai
Industry- Service Based
It’s was insightful, power-packed with knowledge, business is a science. In an approach towards this, we need to be more persistent than perfect. This myth Rajiv had broken, in the very first day. It’s just not a business program, it’s a self-evolution program. The combination of great content, theatrics, and follow-up is great.
Sumitra Bohra
Vrinda Inc | Chennai
Industry- Service Based

After this Seminar, You’ll...

​Build a Success Mindset To Run Your Business Like The Top 1%.

​Improve Your Business With Right Systems & Processes.

​Manage Your Employees Like A True Leader.

Make Your Employees Take Ownership & Responsibilities.

​Most Important! Go From Debt To Positive Cashflow, And From Positive Cashflow To High Scale Business Growth.

This Seminar is right for…

​Sole Proprietors Of Companies, LLPs, Partnerships.

​Consultants Like Architects, Doctors, Lawyers.

​Business & Startup Founders.

​Service Based Businesses.

​Retailers, Manufacturers, Franchise Owners.

​SMEs, MSMEs (Small, Micro, Medium Unit Owners).

Rajiv Talreja

Founder 5 Business & 1 Celebrity Sports Team | Employing 2000 People | Asia's Leading Business Coach

​Rajiv Talreja is a business coach and serial entrepreneur, runs 5 Successful Ventures & 1 Sports Team.

Learning from his failures, Rajiv today is on a mission to enable business owners in building their business, so it can grow without them on self-sustainable processes and teams.

​Trained over 1,00,000 Business Owners in Last 6 Years, through his business coaching and engagement programs across 150 corporate organisations.

Author of an international bestseller and Amazon bestseller book, titled – “Lead or Bleed”.

Founder of 5 Successful Businesses
Founder of 1 Celebrity Sports Team

Get 16 Years of Entrepreneurship
Experience in Your Business

But then he Bounced back with Greater Success

Rajiv began his expedition where he traveled across India and interviewed 300 Business Leaders who had built some of the biggest brands in India.
This research journey led him to author and publish his book titled – “Lead or Bleed”, develop a System for Entrepreneurs to use in their businesses to set, track and achieve goals in every department.
You will get exactly that inside the- BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH Seminar

The SuccessGyan guarantee

​No questions asked money back period.

​You can immediately ask for a refund after the 4 Hour Live Seminar if you think you cannot apply the learnings and improve your result.

70,000+ Founders Rated This Seminar 4.96/5 Stars
Get 100% Refund Security – No T&C Applied | Powered by SuccessGyan

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Why does this program cost only ₹99?
The fee is just to make sure to get a commitment from you that you will be there. It is not the value of the program. You can understand the true value of the program only after you attend it yourself.
If I miss attending this time can I attend this again?
Yes, you may attend it again at a later date.
Can I attend this program along with my business partner(s)?
You will get an email right after you register. Please check the spam and promotions tab in your Inbox if the email doesn’t land in your PRIMARY tab.
What if I have questions about registration, attending, etc?
Please e-mail us at businesspace@successgyan.com . We will be happy to help you.
Will I get the recording of the program?
This is a live program where Rajiv will be training. So no recording will be provided.
What do I need to keep handy during the webinar?
Just an open mind and a book to make a lot of notes.
Is this applicable to my industry?
People from more than 190 industries have attended this webinar and 99.3% of them have said this is applicable to their business. So, yes. It is applicable no matter which industry you are in.
Find out how the top 1% Founders & CEOs run their companies